Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Brush hoarder??

Okay followers, stalkers, and fellow artists...what is your obsession or which art supply do you feel you can't get enough of? Pens? Pencils? Markers? Paints? Brushes? I would have to admit mine are obviously paints and brushes. I just love trying new colors or brands when it comes to paints.

When it comes to brushes though, I could spend a long while in that department at the local art store, Jerry's Artarama. I like to feel the bristles of just about every brush. Weird? Probably, but at least the awesome employees at Jerry's don't judge me. haha I would ask them if it's weird to do what I do, but I have a feeling they completely understand...almost like a "We're all mad here." kind of feeling.

Now, hopefully Jerry's won't be too upset, but I do hit up Michaels occasionally (because of closer proximity) and sometimes order via Blick Art Materials as well. While on the topic of brush obsession...what does an artist, who also likes to partake in photography from time to time, do during some downtime (aka waiting for paint to dry)? Take pictures of well-used and well-loved paintbrushes of course!

If you have any questions about the brushes, please feel free to ask. What are YOUR fave brushes? Leave a comment below!

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