Saturday, November 3, 2018

Opening Night at Litmus Gallery!

Last night was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better opening night. I got to network with some great resident artists at Litmus Gallery as well as local artists.

Another major thing that happened was my sister and friends came to support me. It was a complete shock for me but of course I was pleasantly surprised and on the verge of tears at their sweet gesture. They brought flowers (inspiration for an upcoming piece or two?) and after awhile we all went out to eat and celebrated my opening night. How marvelous, right?

I am absolutely blessed to have such love and support from friends and family.

P.S. The hubs didn't mind all of the gal talk and banter. He is a relatively quiet guy but he's my #1 cheerleader and I love him for it!

Me pictured with my 8x8 abstract piece entitled, "Awake," for opening night at the Litmus Gallery for the "Anything Goes 2018 Exhibit".

Me pictured with my sister and our mutual friends who surprised me with flowers and their support by showing up for opening night.

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