Monday, December 31, 2018

Anything Goes 2018 Ending Reception

Well the month for the exhibit surely came and went very quickly. Unfortunately I didn't place in the exhibit and I didn't sell my "Awake" piece but that's okay. Sure it's a little discouraging. I would by lying if I told you I didn't feel a twinge of disappointment from not placing and/or not selling my artwork. We all will feel disappointment or feel discouraged at some point especially when it's a career that you put your heart and soul into, but it's best we don't let that deter us from meeting our goals and dreams.

To all of the dreamers and doers - Keep on dreaming and doing! You WILL get there in due time.

Not every artist (or whatever your field is) made it overnight. Seriously. I believe every artist I've EVER come across or talked to have said that they didn't make it overnight. For some, it took a few years and some it took over a decade before they "made it" to a more satisfactory state of their career.

Some days I feel like What's the point? and other days I feel confident and thinking to myself I got this!

I look forward to submitting to more exhibits and call for artists and more importantly to just keep creating more art.

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