Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Coffee and Contemplation

Each morning I sit at the breakfast nook in my kitchen while sipping coffee (aka fueling up) and watching the hummingbirds fuel up for the morning.

In these moments it’s quiet in the house and I can get lost in thought. I contemplate the daily tasks, future goals, etc. and then I look at my kitchen table. As the morning sun shines through the window, it instantly makes me reminisce.

This table is no ordinary table. It’s a table that used to be my Mema and Papa’s. It has its scuffs and markings but it adds to its character. It’s a table where so many memories were created...having breakfasts, dinners, games and most importantly laughter.

Taking these moments to revel in the memories and then be inspired to create your own memories is important.

Don’t ever forget to create your own memories. That’s what your loved ones will cherish when you leave.

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