Monday, July 15, 2019

Feeling Inspired and Energetic!

I’ll be working on a few abstracts before finishing the “In the Garden” series. I felt incredibly inspired so I couldn’t wait until I finish that series before starting on my intuitive abstract paintings again. It feels absolutely wonderful to be creating abstracts again.

I recently saw that a local artist guild had a call for art and I knew I HAD to get to work and start creating. I was instantly inspired and started painting. Since I just learned about the call, I was hesitant wondering if I could do it even if I was inspired. I shoved those silly doubts to the back of my mind and put my mind to it.

My mom always said that’s one of my most admirable qualities...once I put my mind to something, there’s no stopping me and that was said to me at an early age.

My art may not get accepted for the call submission. That’s always the risk you take when submitting. Will it stop me from trying? Nope. Will it stop me from creating ever again? Not. A. Chance.

WIP #1

WIP #2

WIP #3

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